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Social Impact, Social Good, Social Media, these were all popular topics of conversation at both the Care National Conference and Summit Series in Washington D.C. last week. The exponential growth of ways to socialize and share information with people in your community, at an event, or across the world allow our society to be more connected, informed and powerful. Through forms of FREE media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube you can extend a conversation, start a movement, raise funds, take a stance and even start a fight.

Many people scoff at these tools, or merely do not take the time to fully understand their potential. Unlike traditional forms of media, these tools allow people to decide what is ‘Popular’; trending topics rise above the noise and can reach far greater viewers in short periods of time. In the Women’s Leadership forum at Summit Series it was mentioned that ‘the influence on an individual is exponential’ and that if these tools are used appropriately one person can be extremely impactful. For example leaders, legislators, nonprofits, individuals and organizations are leveraging social media to create social good.

In a panel on ‘Doing Good in Tough TimesMalaak Compton-Rock talks about how texts were used to raise funds during the Haiti crisis:

With Twitter, you can follow people and topics and virally spread the word about a great cause. The hashtag (“#”) is a way to catalog and connect tweets about a specific topic, hashtags allow you to keep all tweets about that topic in a single stream. A hashtag is essentially a topic with a hash symbol (“#”) at the start to identify it, like #CARENCC or #SummitSeries. They are used to coordinate updates during emergencies, campaigns, events and fundraisers. One of the easiest ways to track a hashtags is by using Twitter Search.

During both the Care National Conference and the Summit Series we were able to follow the conversation, capture quotes and follow articles and links that were shared throughout the event. Below we have gathered some of the top tweets we came across while in Washington DC at #CARENCC and #SummitSeries. Check out the Top 25 Tweets and Tweeters on >>


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